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by Norman P. Grubb



"The Alliance Weekly" Magazine Articles

bulletA Continuous Revival
bulletRevival in the Christian Body
bulletWalking with Jesus


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"Union Life" Magazine Articles


Early Testimony


Union Life Magazine Introduction


The Sole Purpose of Our Creation

bullet The Sole Purpose of Our Creation - Part 2

The Eternal Duality


Article introducing newly published book, “Yes, I Am”


The Central Secret of Union


Revival Today


From Confusion to Clarity


Thank God for Turmoil!

bulletGod's Great Purpose - By Us
bulletWhat About the Smoking Habit?
bulletTrue Discipleship
bulletSuffering: Its Secret
bulletGod ONLY
bulletMy Fifth and Last Commission
bulletSeeing Single
bulletThoughts on Moses
bulletHave We Two Natures?
bulletA Soul-Spirit Understanding
bulletA Bit on Faith in Action

"Union Life" - The Question Box

bulletThe Question Box Vol 1 #1
bulletThe Question Box Vol 1 #2
bulletThe Question Box Vol 1 #3
bulletThe Question Box Vol 1 #4
bulletThe Question Box Vol 7 #3
bulletThe Question Box
bulletMay - June 1981
bulletJuly - August 1981
bulletNovember - December 1983
bulletMarch - April 1985
bulletMay - June 1985

WEC Magazine

bulletRemembering Early Days - 1945

World Conquest Magazine

bullet Adventure in Adversity

Other Sources

bullet International Christian Prayer Conference - 1952
bulletLetter to Irving & Julie Harris about Faith at Work article - 1958
bulletLetter and Article to Bob Walker of Christianity Today - 1960
bulletPresidential Prayer Breakfast - 1961
bulletLetter and Article to Oliver A. Barclay on the “Start of the Inter-Varsity Fellowship in Canada" - 1968
bulletThe Authority of the Believer
bulletThe Fixed Fact of Christ - From "The Four Pillars of WEC"
bulletIf the Walls Go Down
bulletBroadening Horizons
bulletChristian Revelation - I.C.L Monthly Outline
bulletMagazines for the Masses
bulletChrist Dwelling In You
bulletIt's Simple to Share
bulletInner Youthfulness - Christian Growth Ministries - 1977